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A different approach to social networking, our website mimics the way you plan events and share thoughts and information with your family, friends and other important people in your life.

Most people do not share events, thoughts and feelings with the entire world but rather with specific individuals in their life depending on the circumstances. People have different circles of friends and family where they plan events and share information. Through our website, you may create personal groups such as family, friends, work, church, cycling, running, etc. These groups may contain entirely different people and some people may be included in more than one group.

Connecting with other members and even non-members is quick and easy. We provide two methods to request friends and family to be connected with you. Our member search allows you to search and display the profiles of other members in our system then request to be connected with them. For non-members, we provide an easy way to enter email addresses and invite others to become a part of your network. Once a non-member creates their account, they may then accept your connection invite.

All members have the option to hide their profile so that it is not visible to anyone and hidden profiles will not display in the member search. Other profile display options are available to limit what people see when viewing your profile.

Once you have created your groups, you may assign them to topics, events and even photo albums. Only the members in the group will have access to the different items they are assigned to. The group members may post comments and view the comments of the other group members. As the administrator of a group you maintain control by allowing/disallowing other members to post comments as well as have the ability to remove any posted comment.

Another feature available for Topics is the ability for each member to ‘Like’ the topic. As the administrator of the topic, you are able to report on the members who have ‘Liked’ the topic.

You may schedule events for the members in your groups. Each member of the group can respond to the event by indicating if they will be attending or not attending the event. All members of the event can view the attending status of the other members.

We have provided a special Nanny feature giving you the capability to monitor other accounts such as young children. Any member can be a nanny for another member. You may only have one assigned nanny, but you may be a nanny for more than one member. You are not required to know the password of the accounts where you are the nanny. Once you are assigned as the nanny, you can easily emulate the other account at any time to view all the postings and information. As a nanny you also have the capability to activate/deactivate the account without deleting it. You will not be able to post items when emulating in nanny mode, but you will be able to delete items should you find them inappropriate.

In addition to creating personal accounts, you have the option of creating business accounts. Business accounts have the same functionality as personal accounts but allow you to have a business name rather than a personal name. An example would be a Homeowners Association where everyone in your neighborhood is a member and the site administrator creates events and topics for the neighborhood. Another feature available to both types of accounts but may be more applicable to a business account is the auto connection feature. Typically when another members request to be connected with you, you must accept each request individually. With auto connect, you can allow anyone to be automatically connected to you without having to accept the request. With this feature you may also select to automatically have a new member added to a group of your choice. Auto adding them to a group will also allow the new member to view any topic or event that has the group assigned.

These are just some of the features and customizable options on your website. We are constantly improving and enhancing our website to provide better and more enhanced features and options.

Our site is free and will always be free; we hope you enjoy it.

The YourPlayZone Management Team