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Most websites must have some method of generating income in order to survive. Typically websites setup advertising through external sources such as Google or others to provide targeted ads.  As each ad is displayed, a small amount of revenue is generated.  If an ad is clicked, slightly more revenue may be generated.  Ads are generally target based on member location or other collected search engine information.

Our initial approach was to follow the same standard of advertising in order to generate revenue.  After some analysis, we have decided against this approach but rather to implement our own internal Member Advertising Program.

Our initial pilot program is Free to all members as we analyze the process and receive feedback with the intent to make this a pay service in the future.

Our program allows members to create their own ads for display on other member's homepages.  All ads have the same basic look and feel with exception to a few customizations that may be made. Each ad is linked to a detailed ad page as well as the creating memberís profile.  Several different ad programs are available as well as the ability to target ads to different regions.

We also provide a Member Messaging application allowing members to correspond back and forth in response to an ad without having to disclose any personal information until it is necessary.


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