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Member Safety

Member Safety

We all know that you cannot always be sure who someone says they are when interacting with them on the internet, especially when creating connections with them. Websites requiring members to enter their age or other information to confirm identity are not always foolproof. There are people out there who prey on children and adults on the internet and when it comes to children, it is still the responsibility of the adults to monitor their interaction with others.

We provide tools and functionality helping you to monitor your children’s usage minimizing the possibility of them becoming victim to online predators or becoming involved in inappropriate activities.

Making Connections

With social networking, it's all about making connections with friends and family.

Connection requests can be made one of two ways, via email or by viewing another member’s profile and submitting a request to them without knowing their email.

Members have the ability to ‘hide’ their profile so that only the member name displays with no other information. This may help to minimize unknown people sending connection requests to the member.

Before accepting a connection request, you will be able to view the requesting member’s email address. If the email is unfamiliar to you, or you do not know the person, simply delete the request.

An exception to this is the ability to set your profile to auto accept connection requests without approving them. This option can be set for any profile but may be more applicable to Business Accounts where they may not have the concern of accepting requests from only friends and family.

Nanny Monitoring

If you have children, we have made it easy for you to monitor their usage by becoming their nanny. You may be a nanny to more than one member and are not required to know their password.

Adults should create accounts with their children, connect with them and then assign themselves as their nanny. Once you are assigned as their nanny, the other member will not be able to delete your connection with them, or remove you from being their nanny.

When you are logged in to your account, select the Profile/Settings link on the main page, then select the Nanny Options link to view all members you are a nanny for. Select the member you would like to monitor and then the Emulate button. This will essentially log you in as that person. You will not be able to post new messages, but will be able to delete any of their postings that you feel are inappropriate. You will be able to view anything and everything they have done including all groups, topics and events they are members of, even if created by their other member connections.

As a nanny, you have the ability to Disable their account preventing them from logging back in until you re-Activate their account.

Member Messaging

Member Messaging allows website members to send messages to other members without disclosing any personal contact information.  This optional feature may be disabled at anytime preventing any further messages being received.

This feature allows members to contact another member especially when related to website advertising.